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  • Small Business Consultancy

    Digital EyeScream

    I  was  looking  for  some  training  on  project  management  software.  I  stumbled across  Marni's website  and  jumped  into  the training  Academy.  Marni's  method  of using  project  management  software  with... Read More

  • Daylite Review Version 4

    WIth Daylite I always felt I was trying to fit a round peg (My Business) into a square hole (Daylite pre defined UI) and because of this I never stopped looking for a better solution for my company. Daylite 4 seamed, at first, to be a move in... Read More

  • Podio Consulting

    Anahata Graceland

    Marni is able to handle the executive entreprenuer and if you stick with her, she will be the best asset you have ever hired for your company.

    So many times at the beginning, I wanted to fuss, argue, reset…. Well needless to say, I... Read More

  • Consulting (Per Hour)

    Jonathan Zoch

    We worked with Podio Angel to establish our Podio CRM for our video agency, Inspireworks. This has significantly improved the way we work and communicate with clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and staff. As we continue to grow and improve the... Read More


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